Drive and track: PhilGPS adds more excitement to Cannonball 2017

Published: January 22, 2017
Cannonball Sprint 2017 Finisher

Last January 6-7, 2017 PhilGPS Corporation partnered with Cannonball Philippines for an exciting event known as the Cannonball Sprint. The said event's objective was to complete the 500 kilometer route within 12 hours.

With over 700 car and motorcycle enthusiasts who participated, we have provided GPS devices to selected drivers and riders for live tracking throughout the entire dash. The route began and ended in Royce Hotel and Casino, Clark Pampanga and went through Nueva Ecija, Nueva Viscaya, Baguio, Pangasinan and Tarlac.

Expectants were able to know the exact locations of the drivers and riders real time. Their distances and average speeds were also monitored, thus making them feel more thrilled and hooked to the action, especially when the drivers and riders were switching ranks periodically. Everyone can also access online the live monitoring of the race using their smartphones. So even on the go, the drivers' and riders' family and friends can track where, how fast, and how far they are at that specific time plus ensuring the safety of their loved ones on the road.

Indeed, PhilGPS' tracking device and solutions took Cannonball Sprint into another level. Mr. Joey Almeda, the organizer of the event find it very impactful.

"[I am] very impressed with PhilGPS," said Mr. Almeda. "I hope to use your tracker system one day when I go around the world with my motorcycle. We hope to be partners again next year with Cannonball event. Cheers!"

Racing in this event is sure to be fun. But to track on screen as if you're actually riding and driving - who would've thought that this could also be fun? Thanks to PhilGPS!

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Cannonball Sprint 2017 feat. PHILGPS CORPORATION.